Love this!

I had read about the health benefits of maca, and that it was good for balancing hormones. I have been using it in my smoothies for about 3 weeks. So far, I really love it. Almost immediately after taking it I feel a bit more energy (but not is a shaky or nervous way) and I feel interestingly more clear headed. I have experimented with my dosage–originally starting off with 1/2 a teaspoon, then up to 1 teaspoon, then 1 tablespoon; for me 1 teaspoon seems to do the trick for the time being. The tablespoon is too much, and I actually got a headache after taking that much at once. I think it is really important to start with a smaller dose, see how you feel, and add more in increments. Overall I highly recommend this product and will buy again.

Anna May

Hot flashes gone!

Not sure if this is a coincidence….I was suffering from hot flashes and night sweats badly. A friend recommended this product and as a last resort I decided to give it a try. A week into taking this product my flashes have stopped. Coincidence?? I am continuing to take these as directed and feel great.

Didi B.

Four Stars

Gives definite boost for exercise and horniness yeah! 🙂


So many benefits associated with maca

Love this product! I feel energetic when i use this product. A natural boost of energy, nothing crazy. The bottle recommends 2-3 per day but i take 1 and it is plenty. I had experienced hormonal acne on my next for years. I took this product for less than 2 weeks (1 per day) and my neck cleared up like magic. I became curious about maca when i was reading up on hormonal imbalances causing fertility issues. I had no idea how many other benefits would come to surface after taking maca regularly. My husband and I will be trying to conceive now that my hormones seem to be in check. fingers crossed.


It really does work!

My husband and I both use this product in addition to our multivitamin for added energy and general all around well being. He and I both have aging hormonal changes and have suffered with night sweats on occasion. It seems this supplement has basically stopped that for both of us! I was taking 1 tablet for a long time and didn’t “feel” any difference or improvement. I was about to discontinue its use, but invested time in researching more thorough before doing so. I found it takes 2,000-3,000 mg for its best effective dose…and yes indeed after we began taking three of the 800 mg tablets we began to feel a difference! The energy it produces is not a caffeine type feel…it literally just makes you feel awake and alert and ready to go. This will always be part of our daily vitamin/supplement regimen.

Jill J

Five Stars

Nature’s Viagra! Helps with blood circulation down below and it is all natural!


Pretty much does everything the cheap pills at the gas station claim

Alleviates morning achiness, muscles feel more limber, curbs appetite, improves focus and anxiety, energy without angst. Then, there are the sexual effects: pretty much does everything the cheap pills at the gas station advertise about. Been using for about 3 weeks, at 2 pills a day.

Maca Dude

Great Vitamins

I love trying out new vitamins. I have raw Maca powder, but I wanted to try the pill form as it was faster and I wouldn’t have to worry about masking the taste in a shake. These vitamins are pure Maca, I could tell because the smell of these tablets are the exact same smell I get from the raw powder. While I love Maca, I am one of the more unlucky people that suffer from stomach cramps after consuming this Maca. After drinking the vitamins I got the exact same pains in my stomach as I would from the powder. This is a great product to help stabilize your hormones. I suffer from heavy periods and after taking this vitamin my periods were what I consider to be normal. I highly recommend this product for women.


Easy and convenient

I tried raw Maca powder, but these capsules are just so much easier and more convenient to take. I take one when I wake up and one after work and they have a moderate but noticeable effect. I will be repurchasing these again when I run out.

They also have a pleasing smell and taste, and the capsules are not too big.

Michael P

Completely recommend.

Have been taking these for about 2wks. Up to 3 pills a day now. I take them with my meals and immediately feel myself revived with energy. Started taking these for hormone balance and it’s been helping but also with my weight and skin. It’s been helping it stay clear but my clean diet probably has helped with that too. Completely recommend.


Love this product not only did it regulate my hormones …

Love this product not only did it regulate my hormones (no more bloody hot flashes) I started having my monthly again after 4 months.


This is a MACA I feel when I take it

I have been taking this Maca for about a year, and can say I really feel it. This isn’t one I needed to take for two weeks to start feeling it either. I noticed the increase in energy and overall vitality right away. Definitely recommended.

Peter Hoffman

Great for relieving PCOS symptoms

I have PCOS and really had issues with having a consistent and non painful cycle. When I first started taking this I was on day 178 of a never ending cycle. I knew I was progesterone deficient and had given up on modern medicine to help me. Within three weeks of starting this I ovulated. I took 2 pills of this for a two months alone in combination of giving up gluten. My cycles began to regulate and I began to be able to lose weight which had become impossible due to the hormone imbalance. I added vitex and lowered it to 1 maca pill and within two months was pregnant with a baby that we had been told was ‘impossible’ by seven doctors.

After our son was born I waited to see if everything would regulate itself. Since I started having a lot of the issues again that I knew were related to the progesterone deficiency I have gone back on it. I am feeling a lot better since I started taking it. I love it and would highly recommend trying it if you struggle with PCOS or hormone deficiency. I love that it is an adaptgen and can help your body figure out what hormone is missing or not working properly.

I have tried several brands of maca over my time using it. This was the first and I loved it. For a while I could not find it so I supplemented with the NOW brand instead. While the NOW brand was good, I felt that this one was better. I just felt a lot more energized on this one.


Slow and steady wins the race

I’ve been using this for over 3 years now, it works great for me. You have to understand that this is not a fast acting pill but a slow acting organic herb. It helps in faster recovery and works the same way like multi vitamins where the effect is slow and prolonged.

If you’re trying it for the first time, I would recommend to be a bit patient and give it a month or so before making conclusion if it’s good for you or not.


Humor, libido and energy

Best supplements ever if you need to boost your energy or your libido, it does both and very well. At first I bough this to prove if this could make me more curvy, It didn’t give me bigger breast, butt, whatsoever but I notices a HUGE difference in humor, libido and energy. I have hormonal imbalance too (strogenic dominance) and this relieved my symptoms as well. Maca it’s a very good source of protein (THAT’S a plus) and this supplement is cheap and the quality is great. I recommend to give this a try.

Ariana Vasquez

Really helps to balance the hormones

I have been using this product since January 2011 for pre-menopausal symptoms. Bought the product on an older Amazon listing. I felt the difference in just 4 days of taking this. All the hot flashes and mood swings were gone, and within weeks I was able to sleep through the night again. I also have more energy and no longer need a nap during the day. This product really helps to balance the hormones by balancing your endocrine system. I recommend it highly for any woman who’s suffering from hormonal imbalance or changes.

Sophie Doell

Libido and Sex

So, I am a native Peruvian living in NY. I have consumed Maca my whole life. Energy wise, it cannot be compare to anything else, it does take some time to work, but it is with all natural supplements. Libido and sex. Well, I am almost 40 and I feel like I am in my twenties. I do exercise and eat healthy. When buying Maca, make sure it says, “Made in Peru”.

Jean Carlo

Helped significantly in reducing the hot flashes

After experiencing 30 to 40 “hot flashes” per day, I came across the recommendation to try maca root. It has helped significantly in reducing the hot flashes, and minimizing their severity. A couple of things about maca root, however, is that you have to take it for 2 to 4 weeks before any real benefits kick in. I’ve been taking 3 a day. In trying to scale back to two times per day, there is some worsening of symptoms, so it’s back to 3 and I’m not particularly thrilled about that, but would rather take 3 than have the problems


Very good for increasing the volume of your ‘little swimmers’!

I have been using this Maca 800 mg for about 3 weeks on and off. The flavor is interesting, almost creamy by description! I take the required dosage 2-3 tablets a day(every 6 hours). I refrain from any activity in the bedroom for about 4 to 5 days plus drink lots of water.

When the time came to release the burden the result was impressive! Volume was considerable and consistency was to my girl’s liking!!

Pricing for 100 tablets is good value.

Christopher Burfoot