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Optimizes Energy and Hormone Function

The Maca plant (Lepidium meyenii) is grown at the extreme altitude of 12,000 to 15,000 ft in the Andes Mountains of Peru, where only alpine grasses and bitter potatoes can survive. The Maca root has been used for at least 2,000 years by the indigenous peoples of the region for energy, stamina, and fertility. Incan warriors ate Maca before battles. When Peru was established as a Spanish colony, Spaniards noticed their livestock were not reproducing in the high altitudes. After the indigenous peoples showed the Spaniards that feeding Maca to their animals boosted fertility, Maca was accepted as a currency to pay taxes.

Research shows that Maca affects the endocrine system via the pituitary gland in both men and women. The improved function of the endocrine system results in a higher sperm count and quality of sperm in males and general fertility in females. Maca is an adaptogen, a natural product that adapts to the age and gender of the user and affects them accordingly. Maca is also used for moderating hot flashes and mood swings in menopausal women given its function in regulating hormone levels.

The Peruvian Naturals 800-milligram tablet allows you to reach the recommended daily dose of 1,500 mg in just two pills, preferably spaced out during the day and taken with food. With the industry-standard 500-mg tablet, you must take three pills per day.

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Benefits for Men

  • Increases sex drive
  • Increases sperm count
  • Increases sperm mobility
  • Increases energy

Benefits for Women

  • Increases energy
  • Eliminates hot flashes
  • Balances hormones
  • Mitigates symptoms of menopause
  • Regulates irregular menstrual cycle
  • Increases fertility