Sugar-Balance Blend


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  • SUGAR BALANCE BLEND is a unique mixture of carefully selected herbs from the Andes Mountains and Amazon rainforest. This powerful herbal blend is traditionally used to keep blood sugar levels within a normal range naturally.
  • DANDELION ROOT – Known as “Diente de León” in Spanish, dandelion root is a digestive and cleansing agent for the kidney, liver and digestive system. Reduce bloating, eliminate toxins and improve gut health naturally with our teabags of 100% natural herbs from Peru.
  • YACON LEAF – Studies have shown that regular consumption of Yacon leaf extract produces a significant decrease in plasma glucose levels, making it a viable component of a blood sugar management routine.
  • AZUCAR EN LA SANGRE – Sugar Balance Blend es una mezcla única de hierbas naturales cuidadosamente seleccionadas de las regiones Andinas y Amazónicas. Esta poderosa mezcla de hierbas se usa tradicionalmente para mantener de manera natural, los niveles de azúcar en la sangre que ya están dentro del rango normal.
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