Peruvian Naturals Supports Small Businesses in Q1

Peruvian Naturals has donated our earnings pledge for the first quarter of 2022 to three individual-administered agricultural entrepreneurship in rural Peru.

Los Trabajadores Group’s story

Los Trabajadores Group

According to their Kiva Profile:

The communal bank “Pueblo Libre” is a responsible and happy group formed by 10 members. They are in their fourth loan cycle. They are led by Lleny, the president, along with the treasurer and secretary. Because of the pandemic, these three appear in the photograph.

Lleny, age 37, has four children. She is a single mother. She has a lot of strength and will to continue ahead for the well-being of her children. She considers herself a hard-working, fighting, and very responsible woman.

She has had her business for 10 years. She works in agriculture, planting cassava. It is for this reason that her biggest challenge is to plant more. In addition, her great dream is to enlarge her little house.

In addition to this business, her other source of income is doing daywork on other plantings.

She will use the Kiva loan to expand her plantings. She wants to continue harvesting and be able to have better earnings and sell them, and with the extra earnings, build her house.

In this group: Emilia Marianita, Jareth, Lleny, Mercy, Teddy, Margolith, Vilma Graciela, Sunilda, Rider, Manuel

This loan is special because it empowers women through community support and financial training.

Solidarios De San Agustin Group’s story

Solidarios De San Agustin Group

According to their Kiva Profile:

The Los Trabajadores communal bank is in its first cycle. The group is made up of six members. Due to the pandemic only three people could be in the photograph: the board of directors, including the president, treasurer, and secretary.

Patricia is the president of the group. She is a dedicated and responsible woman. She has two children and is currently living with her partner. She considers herself to be an enterprising and very hardworking woman.

Ten years ago she started her business harvesting crops. For that reason, her greatest challenge is improving her production. Her biggest dream is to grow and increase her harvest. In addition that that job she also has another source of income. Patricia will use her Kiva loan to provide maintenance to her crop in order to have a better harvest and continue providing quality products at a fair price.

This loan is special because it empowers women through community support and financial training.

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