Anna May

Love this!

I had read about the health benefits of maca, and that it was good for balancing hormones. I have been using it in my smoothies for about 3 weeks. So far, I really love it. Almost immediately after taking it I feel a bit more energy (but not is a shaky or nervous way) and I feel interestingly more clear headed. I have experimented with my dosage–originally starting off with 1/2 a teaspoon, then up to 1 teaspoon, then 1 tablespoon; for me 1 teaspoon seems to do the trick for the time being. The tablespoon is too much, and I actually got a headache after taking that much at once. I think it is really important to start with a smaller dose, see how you feel, and add more in increments. Overall I highly recommend this product and will buy again.

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