M. Green


My husband has had frequent kidney stones for the past 10 years. 18 months ago he went thru his 3rd surgery to remove a barbed stone that we 7mm. He was told at that time that he also had a 1.2 CM stone in the other kidney and would need to have it removed also. After his surgery that ended up costing us THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, we started researching the use of chanca peidra. we initially started using the liquid drops in another product that cost over $100 for 3 tiny bottles. I decided to look into the pill form that a friend had told us about. I found this brand here at Amazon and decided to try it. This is our 3rd reorder and not only has he not had ANY kidney issues, but after a recent KUB, have discovered that his 1.2 CM stone is GONE!! This is very exciting for us and we will continue to use this product. I have NOT received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for our review and as a matter of fact, if it was 5 times the price it is, i would still buy it… GLADLY!! It truly is a STONE CRUSHER!! he is only taking 1 pill in the morning and 1 pill at night to keep stones from forming. We feel very blessed to have found this!!

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