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So far so good

A long time ago my grandmother got breast cancer and she was 80 at the time she didn’t want to get quimo and somebody recomended una de gato, cats claw so she took it like for 5 years after that and never got cancer again, she died at 95 and not for cancer. Last year I gave birth a beautiful girl she is one year old and I’ve been exhausted since then and I thought ok is motherhood, and I was with constant back and shoulders pain so I thought ok is normal although she is a good baby, so I remember that my grandma used to swear by this product it was amazing last month I had the flu which I felt like dying and nobody could help me with the baby and I said that’s it I will try this. By the 3 day I am feeling good I’m not longer feel tired my back pain is better and feel myself again so I don’t know but the only thing that has changed is that i am taking this. So will see that’s why I’m giving 4 stars

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