It works for us!!

Hubby has suffered with stones for years. Dr. said 60% have one stone in a lifetime, 30% a few, but 10% are “stone producers”. Guess who’s in the 10%? A recent x-ray and ultrasound showed some very large stones the Dr. said would not pass. Rather than wait for these time bombs, we researched and found out about Chanca Piedra.

3 weeks nothing much happened. Then one passed (big – like a black peppercorn), then another, and another different sizes…. In about 6 weeks he has passed at least 14 stones plus some sandy grains. YES – you read that correctly – 14 stones. Granted it was NOT pretty. Two were very, very painful episodes. But he’s had a lithostripsy in the past and that was no picnic either.

Over the years, prior to taking Chanca Piedra, he has passed many with no pain at all, but some knock-down killers. Since Chanca Piedra it has been similar. Sometimes several small ones in a day. But today, without much drama, he passed a “boulder” (see the picture) and throughout the rest of the day spit out a dozen more medium, small and grains.

This has all happened since starting Chanca Piedra – so we have to assume it’s working.

As for dosage, he started at 2x pills per day. After the first couple of stones, we increased from 2 pills a day to 3 pills a day and that seemed to increase them passing. He does alternate with a liquid form of the herb – putting drops in an ice tea in the afternoon. We are going to request a new x-ray and when we know the big ones are gone, he will do 1x day for maintenance to prevent stones from forming.

THANK YOU Chanca Piedra.

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