Great for relieving PCOS symptoms

I have PCOS and really had issues with having a consistent and non painful cycle. When I first started taking this I was on day 178 of a never ending cycle. I knew I was progesterone deficient and had given up on modern medicine to help me. Within three weeks of starting this I ovulated. I took 2 pills of this for a two months alone in combination of giving up gluten. My cycles began to regulate and I began to be able to lose weight which had become impossible due to the hormone imbalance. I added vitex and lowered it to 1 maca pill and within two months was pregnant with a baby that we had been told was ‘impossible’ by seven doctors.

After our son was born I waited to see if everything would regulate itself. Since I started having a lot of the issues again that I knew were related to the progesterone deficiency I have gone back on it. I am feeling a lot better since I started taking it. I love it and would highly recommend trying it if you struggle with PCOS or hormone deficiency. I love that it is an adaptgen and can help your body figure out what hormone is missing or not working properly.

I have tried several brands of maca over my time using it. This was the first and I loved it. For a while I could not find it so I supplemented with the NOW brand instead. While the NOW brand was good, I felt that this one was better. I just felt a lot more energized on this one.

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