Troy D.

The holy Grail and hallelujah!

I have just gone through 10 days of hell with a 5 mm stone. I was scheduled for surgery in about four days as nothing seem to be helping. It has been Percocet and ibuprofen, and lots of restless nights. I tried the lemon juice concoction, and nothing. I read about this herb and figured what do I have to lose. I took a total of five pills, yes five pills. This morning I felt better than I ever had, and then about midday I got one of the worst urinary irritations I’ve ever experienced in my life. It felt like I had to go constantly. Well, that’s because the stone had moved into the bladder.

I just passed the little demon child, and 30 min. after the first one, a second smaller stone also passed. They did not even tell me I had a second stone, and was not seen on CAT scan. So, I don’t care what anybody else says, this stuff is the BOMB! Put this stuff in your checkout cart and get expiated shipping. Worth every penny and then some. I would have paid 10 times the price without hesitation!

This will lower your blood sugar, so just have a little extra fruit or whatever. Well worth the small side effect for the benefit. I’m writing this on Thanksgiving day, and let me tell you I am extremely thankful to pass the demon stone! Best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had!!!

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