Chicha Morada Tea


  • CHICHA MORADA – make this classic Peruvian drink at home, just add lemon and sugar!
  • Filtered teabags containing purple corn, pineapple, apple, quince, clove, cinnamon and lime.
  • All-Natural Herbal Tea and Supplement sustainably grown in Peru
  • Three percent of earnings are donated to conservation of the Amazon rainforest.
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Chicha Morada Purple Corn Tea I Inka Drink Classic Purple Corn Juice from Peru I All 100% natural ingredients

Chicha Morada Tea is crafted from a unique blend of natural ingredients including Purple Corn, Pineapple (Piña), Apple (Manzana), Quince (Pera Membrillo), Clove (Clavo de Olor), Cinnamon (Canela), and Lemon (Limon) that are rich in fibers and natural nutrients.


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