Fat-Burning Herbal Blend


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  • ADELGAZANTE is a diet tea and herbal blend for detoxifying the digestive system. Our unique, all-natural blend of Peruvian herbs from the jungle and highlands combine to cleanse and detox the colon and digestive system, and help balance blood sugar and glucose.
  • DETOX AND METABOLISE – Dandelion, Artichoke and Senna Leaves help cleanse the system and improve digestion. Hercampuri is a bitter suppressant from the Andean Highlands. Yacon leaf extract can decrease plasma glucose levels common in blood sugar management routines.
  • PERUVIAN NATURALS GIVES BACK – Three percent of Peruvian Naturals earnings are donated to small farms and agricultural businesses in Peru. PERUVIAN NATURALS AYUDA A LA PATRIA – El tres por ciento de las ganancias de Peruvian Naturals se regala a los agricultores y granjeros pequeños y negocios agrícolas en las zonas rurales del Perú.
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