Don’t Just Take Chanca Piedra for Kidney Stones, Drink Lots of Water

The National Institute of Health recently published an article on kidney stones in its June 2017 newsletter.

According to Pebbles in Your Plumbing: Flushing Kidney Stones, over 1 million people visit emergency rooms in the United States every year to treat kidney stones. Kidney stones are pebble-like crystals formed by excess minerals in the urine. About 80% of kidney stones are caused by calcium, and one out of every 11 people suffers from kidney stones, according to NIH urologist Dr. Ziya Kirkali.

“Probably one of the most important reasons why people form stones is dehydration,” Kirkali says. When urine is too concentrated, minerals can build up and form stones. “I can’t over-emphasize the importance of drinking plenty of water, because that’s the most effective way of preventing kidney stone disease.”

If you’re reading this website, you’re probably hip to how Chanca Piedra helps break up and pass kidney stones. But it’s not enough to take Chanca Piedra. You should also be drinking lots of water.

Kidney stones are more likely in middle-aged patients between 40 and 70 years old, and the presence of one stone increases the chance someone will have more. The article explains different tests and treatments including blood tests, CT scans, X-ray imaging, shock waves, inserting a tool into the body and more.

The article doesn’t mention lowly herbal supplements such as Chanca Piedra, but our feelings aren’t hurt. We know what works, as do our customers!

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