How to Grow Your Butt with (or without) Maca

Peruvian Naturals Maca recently received this negative review on Amazon:

I purchased this and I’m nearly done with my bottle. And NOTHING at all. No change what so ever. I felt like I wasted my money and could of gotten something that actually works. Didn’t do anything to my butt nor my boobs. Totally a waste. My point and opinion is waste your money if you’re looking to get a bigger butt and curves because this is NOT IT!!!

If this were the only negative review regarding Maca’s effect on physique and specifically the butt, I would consider it an anomaly. But this is not the first comment I’ve received from women looking to grow the size of their butts with Maca. I searched around the web and found significant buzz about Maca growing women’s butts.

Here are just a few articles:

Here’s a YouTube video recommending Maca to grow your butt.

When Peruvian Naturals first launched, many unscrupulous marketers were calling it “Peruvian Viagra” and claiming that it would have young men howling at the moon. Maca certainly boosts libido, but it is not Viagra. It will not give you an immediate erection. Many men took Maca and were disappointed because of their inflated expectations. I decided from the outset that I would never make exaggerated or unsubstantiated claims to make a quick buck.

While I would love to believe that Maca can help uncurvy women become curvy, I am skeptical. So skeptical that I would never sell a woman Maca for cosmetic reasons – boobs, hips, butt, nothing – without telling her that I doubt Maca will make a difference.

There are plenty of women saying that Maca makes a difference, but without scientific research we have no idea whether Maca had an effect on those women. We have no idea what other conditions those women were under. Were they on any kind of birth control? Did their diet or exercise regimen change?

If a woman is on birth control and drinks a lot of alcohol, smokes marijuana, or takes other recreational drugs, she is wreaking hormonal havoc on her body. Maca will probably improve her health and maybe have an effect on her physique. But I still believe the effect would be negligible unless she also implemented diet and exercise.

How to Grow Your Butt With or Without Maca

This buzz around Maca comes as a coincidence because I am a man with a large butt. I have not bought jeans that fit my waist size in years because I can’t fit my thick legs or butt into them. So I have to wear a belt or my pants will fall down to where my butt tapers out. My swimming suit is difficult to pull around my butt, but then I have to tighten the drawstring at the waist.

My wife has the same large butt and slim waist. Neither of us had large butts growing up. It’s not genetic. We have large butts because we both strength-train recreationally.

What is the butt? Short for buttocks, the butt is comprised of the gluteal muscles. There is some fat covering those muscles, but fat is not what give the butt it’s size or shape.

Some of those articles believe Maca helps the body deposit fat to the buttocks, but this isn’t true. The body stores fat everywhere in a mostly uniform fashion. If your butt gets enough fat that you can measure a size difference, you will also have gained more fat around your waist, arms, chin, legs, and back.

The gluteal muscles are what makes a butt attractive. In fact, the gluteal muscles are the most important in determining a person’s overall power at just a glance. Many people may size up someone’s shoulders, arms, or estimate their bodyfat. But the gluteal muscles move the body’s largest joint, the hips, which can apply more force than any other. Think about the American football players, the hardest-throwing pitchers and home run hitters in baseball, or the phenomenon known as “hockey butt.”

Sexual attraction to the butt makes sense from an evolutionary psychology standpoint. Potential mates with large butts were more powerful, so better at hunting and fighting and thus better equipped to survive and provide for their partner. As humanity moved to agriculture the men and women with big butts could do more difficult work, thus providing better for their children.

The butt is just muscle. And to make that muscle bigger, you have to make it stronger. To make it stronger, you have to train it.

Grow your Butt with Squats

My wife and I have big butts because we do barbell squats. Barbell squats allow you to lift the most weight possible with your butt and legs. The stronger you get squatting heavy weight, the bigger your butt will grow.

Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe is the program my wife and I use. The book explains in great detail how to correctly perform the barbell squat. If you don’t want the whole book, read this article on How to Squat. The StrongLifts programis almost identicle to Starting Strength. Either one will grow your butt to where you’ll have to buy new clothes, if you apply work and dedication.

Here is a video tutorial on how to perform the barbell squat:

The athlete in the video is powerful enough to dunk a basketball despite being only 5’7. And I would bet 100 bottles of Maca that he has to buy jeans that don’t fit his waist in order to fit his butt and legs.

If you aren’t comfortable using a barbell yet or don’t have access to a gym, you can do bodyweight squats to start. Once they become easy, do bodyweight squats with your feet together. Once those become easy, you can do variations of one-leg squats in a planned progression to performing the pistol squat.

The pistol squat is an advanced exercise that will take lots of work, dedication, and patience. If size is your goal, I recommend the barbell squat.

Don’t fear lifting heavy weights in the men’s corner of the gym. Strength is healthy. Stay focused on the results. Most women don’t lift weights like that, but then again most women don’t have big butts unless large muscles are in their genetics (they were born with it). Lift heavy weights to grow your butt muscles.

Take it from me and my wife – two people with rail thin genetics who had flat butts as children. You can grow your butt by getting strong as a horse on the barbell squat!

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