Livestock cooperative in Anta, Cusco

Peruvian Naturals has donated this month’s three percent of earnings to support Peruvian agriculture to an agricultural cooperative located in the Anta district of the Cusco region. According to their Kiva profile:

Taytacha Señor De Ccoyllority De Yungaqui Group’s story

These members belong to the Communal Bank “Taytacha Senor de Ccoyllority de Yungaqui”. This bank is located in the District of Anta in Anta Province, Department of Cusco.

Sra. Canisia is one of the members. She is 53 years old, single, and has nine children. Canisia works at her business of selling and raising animals. She raises guinea pigs and chickens by fattening them to sell at different fairs. Through this small business, she is able to help her family get ahead. Canisia is requesting a loan in order to buy guinea pigs, chickens, and feed for the animals.

This loan is part of a line of credit offered by Asociación Arariwa called “Credi Yapa”. This line of credit is offered to borrowers with a good credit history. The members of this group meet the requirements.

The other members of this group engage in businesses such as selling animals, raising livestock, selling groceries, and working in agriculture.

Canisia is grateful to those who have helped fulfill her dream in this manner and promises to complete her payments according to the established terms.

In this group: Canisia, Herlinda, Elisabeth, Carmen Rosa, Jhon Clinfer, Lisset, Pilar, Gloria, Ubaldina*, Boris Hector*
*not pictured.

This loan is special because it reaches borrowers in underserved and disadvantaged areas in Peru.

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