Peruvian Naturals supports farmers in Cajamarca, Huancavelica and San Martin

Peruvian Naturals has donated our earnings pledge for the second quarter of 2020 to various farmers of cattle, rice and cacao in the Arequipa, Ucayali and San Martin departments of Peru.

Carmen Rosa

According to her Kiva profile:

Carmen is a 40-year-old working woman. She lives in the town of Polobaya Chico, which is located in Puquina.

She works raising cattle, paying special attention to the care and nutrition that she provides them to keep them healthy.

She requests a loan to buy cattle, thus increasing her production.

Carmen hopes in the future to improve her house and continue to have well-being.

This loan helps Carmen buy cattle to increase her production, and helps a woman entrepreneur grow her business and stabilize her income.

Los Comuneros De San Jose De Tunuya Group

According to their Kiva profile:

The Los Comuneros de San Jose de Tunaya communal bank is made up of six members and led by Luz. She is the president of the group and considers herself to be an enterprising person with a great desire to help others who really need it.

Luz is 33 years old, has two children, and lives with her husband. For five years she has worked growing and selling rice. She currently seeks a loan to provide maintenance to her rice in order give a better product to her customers and be recommended to others. As a second job she provides security at a childcare center. This allows her to obtain better earnings in order to move forward with her family.

The leaders of the group appear in the photo. The president is in the middle, with the secretary and treasurer on either side of her.

In this group: Edilberto, Socorro, Zully, Gregorio, Jose Daniel, Luz Maria.

This loan helps a member to provide maintenance to her rice crop in order give a better product to her customers, and empowers women through community support and financial training.


According to his Kiva profile, Eli is also from Campo Verde in Ucayali.

Eli is 37 years old, has a 10-year-old son, and lives with his wife. His family is small but big at heart.

For 10 years, Eli has been farming with his wife, harvesting cocoa, corn and bananas. In their extra time they also work as day laborers on other plots of land, thus earning a better income. Eli raises poultry as well: chickens and ducks.

He is currently applying for a loan to buy seedlings and plant cocoa. With this investment, he will be able to improve the quality of his products and make his clients happy.

With his extra profits and savings, Eli wants to bring his house closer and put boards around it to have better security.

This loan helps to buy seedlings and pay for the planting of cacao, and it schedules repayment rates based on the harvest season to put less pressure on farmers’ families.


According to her Kiva profile:

Doris is an enterprising and hardworking woman who enjoys treating people well and helping them. She and her husband offer agricultural services to other farms in order to improve their income.

Doris has been producing and selling cacao for three years. She always looks to improve the quality of her products so that she can provide the best service to her customers. For this reason, she is requesting a Kiva loan so that she can maintain her parcel of cacao and buy compost. This will result in a high-quality product that will be beneficial to her customers.

Each month, Doris tries to save a small amount to help her family in case something unforeseen happens someday. She has the drive to move forward with her three children.

In the photo, Doris appears with her credit officer who is helping her through the loan process and verifying her harvest so that she can continue learning and improving.

This loan helps to pay the expense of maintaining her parcel of cacao and to buy compost, and schedules repayment rates based on the harvest season to put less pressure on farmers’ families.