I Believe!

Last Friday I woke up from a sound sleep with a severe cramping ache in my lower back. After two hours of pain, I started to pace the floor. Then the pain went away like turning off a light, I knew then what it was: another kidney stone. (Of close to forty in the last 30 years. Movement will help sometimes, pain starts and ends suddenly.)

More back ache the next night, but then the stone moved, and was now in my bladder hurting bad when I urinated and slowing the flow to a dribble. The following Thursday Chanca Piedra arrived. On Friday, I started taking the pills which helped calm down the bladder pain. Early Saturday morning, slightly more than one day after starting Chanca, I took two pills and drank a whole glass of water first thing in the morning. Soon thereafter I painfully popped out the 6x9mm stone in the attached pic.

Needless to say, I am now a believer.

I did take 6 pills per day, rather than the recommended three. Also, true enough, the stone was already in my bladder. But, I must say I am convinced this medication really did hasten the final outcome. I highly recommend this remedy for anyone with a calcium oxalate kidney stone.

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