Surprisingly effective.

Went through lithotripsy about 18 months ago and got the kidneys completely clean. On my yearly exam a couple of new stones could be seen on the Xray. Relatively small in size though. Since i don’t want to go thru the surgery again (ever)…. started looking into some natural herbs and things. Back home, in Ecuador, I heard a while back about Chanca Piedra, so I decided to give it a try.

I started taking 1 pill in the morning on empty stomach, just to see if it does anything. Maybe 3-4 days into it started to feel the typical kidney stone symptoms. And soon after my blood pressure rose, not too much, but enough to make me notice it. So after 10-12 days of taking the pill I stopped because I started to get concerned on BP. 3 days off chanca piedra, the BP went down to normal. Initially attributed my BP rise to chanca piedra, however, found some documentation that passing kidney stones (and partial blockage on the ureter) can rise BP.

In any case, about 2.5 weeks into this process, since I took the first pill, the first kidney stone came out. Not sure if it was purely coincidental or of the pill actually got it out. So, now I started to take chanca piedra again to see if it repeats the miracle again. Will post an update when/if it happens. I can tell that one pill and I started to feel the symptons of stone passing again (nausea for now).

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