Like many of you…

I, like many of you, was sceptical about this product but when the pain of a kidney stone “rocks” you to the core you somehow find a way to push scepticism aside. I had been suffering for a little over a year with what I though at first were back spasms. The pain was mild to moderate initially and would come and go, mostly after sitting or standing for long periods of time. As the pain began to progress I started to wonder if there might be something else going on. Having no medical insurance, I often diagnose and treat myself (and I do so very successfully 95% of the time). So with intensifying pain radiating in my right side I took to the internet to began my research. After a few days of searching and reading I surmised that I might have a kidney stone. I came across all sorts of home remedies that included drinking large amounts of acv or lemon water, which I tried for a week with no relief. So when I stumbled across this herb called Chanca Piedra I was like yeah right. I looked at a few brands and read countless reviews, both good and bad, and decided I had nothing to lose. I placed my order on 03/07/2017 and it arrived on 03/09/2017 and I quickly swallowed 3.

The tastes was horrible!! Very chalky and green tasting but, that pain in my side was far more horrible than the taste of the pills. I took 2 more about 8 hours later and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning I will honestly admit I didn’t feel any change. As soon as I went to rise up out of bed the stabbing pain was there in my side. Determined to not waste my money I took 3 more of the pills at 7am. By 1:30 I started to notice that I wasn’t buckling over when I reached for things. The pain was still there but it felt a tad bit duller. So I took 2 more at bed time and 3 more the next morning (making sure not to exceed the 5 per day limit) and by lunch time I could sit, stand and reach without any flenching or hesitation!!

It is now the evening of day four and the pain is so subtle I barely notice it. I have to over extend or twist to feel what is now a very slight pain. These pills definitely work. I have gone from being curled up in a fetal position sleeping with a pillow under my right side to my normal self in a matter of 4 days. It may not work for everyone but it DEFINITELY has worked for me!! I was going to give it a week before posting but I feel so much better after 4 days I decided to post tonight.

I will like to mention though that since I started taking the Chanca Piedra that I have been having mild headaches but I’ll take a mild headache over kidney stone pain any day of the week!! I plan to take the full bottle and buy another to take 1 pill twice a day as a preventative measure. By the way, this is not a sponsored review. I paid for my order with my own hard earned money and I recommend it for anyone suffering from kidney stone pain.

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