A Trip To The Hospital Avoided

Had my first and only other attack of kidney stones (calcium oxalate variety) 23 years earlier which required a trip to the hospital and subsequent treatment by Lithotripsy. Well that all changed last Thursday when I had another one. The pain, localized in the right kidney, started late that afternoon and got increasingly worse as time went on becoming quite severe with feelings of nausea too. It became impossible to sit or lie down for any length of time because of the pain.It made for a long, miserable, sleepless night. Fri. morning it dawned on me to do a quick check online for natural kidney stone remedies and I found an article on Chanca Piedra which I had never heard of before. After briefly reading it I went to Amazon to see what was available. I started reading the reviews for this product, it sounded just like what I needed and I determined to get it. I called a couple local health food stores first to see if they had it but they only had another brand, a liquid extract. I ordered these tablets with overnight delivery then went to the nearest health food store to get the extract plus the drugstore to get some Ibuprofen.

I stated the extract immediately taking about 6 droppers full over the next 12 hours. I also took some doses of Ibuprofen to help with the pain. Unfortunately I did not notice any significant improvement with the extract, the pain was still quite severe and I still could not sit or lie down for any length of time because of it. There was nothing to do but endure another miserable night until the tablets arrived.

The tablets arrived a little before noon Sat. and I started on them immediately. I wound up taking 7 of them over the next 13 hours, well over the recommended max limit of 5/day. I certainly don’t recommend anyone else do that but desperate situations sometimes call for desperate measures. However in this case it paid off. By 9 PM I noticed a definite improvement in the pain, I could now sit down and stay seated though not totally pain free. I took the last 2 tablets of the 7 total around 1 AM Sun. By 3 AM I could sit and better still lie down pain free! It was wonderful to finally get some sleep.

When I awoke Sun. afternoon I noticed when I took a deep breath or coughed there was still a twinge of pain in the right kidney. So I kept taking the tablets, 3/day. It is now Wed. evening as I write this and that pain is now gone as well. I intend to stick with 3/day until the end of the week then taper back to 2 then finally 1 which I will continue to take indefinitely as a preventative measure.

Bottom line, all I can say is thank God for these tablets. They undoubtedly spared me a trip to the hospital and subsequent treatment by surgery or Lithotripsy.

By the way this is not a “fake” review, everything in this review happened as described.

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