Tom Chambers

Skeptic Says It Appears To Really Work

I have to admit being very skeptical of claims made for products such as these. But it does appear to work quite well. My story started back a couple years ago when I would occasionally feel a pain in my back where my left kidney is, and usually drinking water would alleviate it, whereas not drinking enough water would make the pain show up. Fast forward 2 years to this past January and after a particularly strenuous day of setting up for a trade show and not drinking enough water in Phoenix, AZ… on the way to dinner what I learned was a 3mm kidney stone decided to start it’s journey. After about 5 hours and an emergency room visit, I didn’t want to experience that again.

Recently, I started feeling those old familiar pains again on my kidney – this time, on both of them. Not wanting a repeat performance of January, I purchased this bottle of Chanca Piedra after doing some research into the matter, figuring the worst that could happen would be ‘nothing’. I started with one pill twice daily, then stepped it up to 3 a day, and then I took 2 at once in the morning and one in the afternoon after about a week. The pains seemed to get a little bit worse at first, then one day it felt like a kidney stone was getting ready to start moving – and then it stopped. No more pains, nothing – and hasn’t been for several days now. Apparently, whatever was in there passed without further incident, and I’m reasonably satisfied that it was due to this herb. I’ve kept taking it just to be safe, and everything seems great.

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