The holy Grail and hallelujah!

I have just gone through 10 days of hell with a 5 mm stone. I was scheduled for surgery in about four days as nothing seem to be helping. It has been Percocet and ibuprofen, and lots of restless nights. I tried the lemon juice concoction, and nothing. I read about this herb and figured what do I have to lose. I took a total of five pills, yes five pills. This morning I felt better than I ever had, and then about midday I got one of the worst urinary irritations I’ve ever experienced in my life. It felt like I had to go constantly. Well, that’s because the stone had moved into the bladder.

I just passed the little demon child, and 30 min. after the first one, a second smaller stone also passed. They did not even tell me I had a second stone, and was not seen on CAT scan. So, I don’t care what anybody else says, this stuff is the BOMB! Put this stuff in your checkout cart and get expiated shipping. Worth every penny and then some. I would have paid 10 times the price without hesitation!

This will lower your blood sugar, so just have a little extra fruit or whatever. Well worth the small side effect for the benefit. I’m writing this on Thanksgiving day, and let me tell you I am extremely thankful to pass the demon stone! Best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had!!!

Troy D.

The Kidney Stone Prescription

I hardly ever write reviews…But, this is something that you need to take every day if you have stones. It’s should seriously be a prescription from the doctor, like a hbp pill. Your stones will disappear and your pain from the stones will disappear, also (obviously…lol). This is the best brand, that I have ever tried.

The Albino Kong 76

OMG, I’m impressed!!

I’m impressed! This stuff works! And it worked fast!!

I’ve had several kidney stones in the last 35 years. This time, I decided to try something new … Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus niruri). After taking one pill, about 7 hours later I could feel the stone passing down the ureter (I’ve had stones enough times that I can tell by the pain where the stone is located). That pain lasted about 30 minutes and then shortly thereafter I could feel it exiting the bladder. Then pain gone!
I will be taking this miracle pill daily as a preventative measure.

D. Clark

A Trip To The Hospital Avoided

Had my first and only other attack of kidney stones (calcium oxalate variety) 23 years earlier which required a trip to the hospital and subsequent treatment by Lithotripsy. Well that all changed last Thursday when I had another one. The pain, localized in the right kidney, started late that afternoon and got increasingly worse as time went on becoming quite severe with feelings of nausea too. It became impossible to sit or lie down for any length of time because of the pain.It made for a long, miserable, sleepless night. Fri. morning it dawned on me to do a quick check online for natural kidney stone remedies and I found an article on Chanca Piedra which I had never heard of before. After briefly reading it I went to Amazon to see what was available. I started reading the reviews for this product, it sounded just like what I needed and I determined to get it. I called a couple local health food stores first to see if they had it but they only had another brand, a liquid extract. I ordered these tablets with overnight delivery then went to the nearest health food store to get the extract plus the drugstore to get some Ibuprofen.

I stated the extract immediately taking about 6 droppers full over the next 12 hours. I also took some doses of Ibuprofen to help with the pain. Unfortunately I did not notice any significant improvement with the extract, the pain was still quite severe and I still could not sit or lie down for any length of time because of it. There was nothing to do but endure another miserable night until the tablets arrived.

The tablets arrived a little before noon Sat. and I started on them immediately. I wound up taking 7 of them over the next 13 hours, well over the recommended max limit of 5/day. I certainly don’t recommend anyone else do that but desperate situations sometimes call for desperate measures. However in this case it paid off. By 9 PM I noticed a definite improvement in the pain, I could now sit down and stay seated though not totally pain free. I took the last 2 tablets of the 7 total around 1 AM Sun. By 3 AM I could sit and better still lie down pain free! It was wonderful to finally get some sleep.

When I awoke Sun. afternoon I noticed when I took a deep breath or coughed there was still a twinge of pain in the right kidney. So I kept taking the tablets, 3/day. It is now Wed. evening as I write this and that pain is now gone as well. I intend to stick with 3/day until the end of the week then taper back to 2 then finally 1 which I will continue to take indefinitely as a preventative measure.

Bottom line, all I can say is thank God for these tablets. They undoubtedly spared me a trip to the hospital and subsequent treatment by surgery or Lithotripsy.

By the way this is not a “fake” review, everything in this review happened as described.


Like many of you…

I, like many of you, was sceptical about this product but when the pain of a kidney stone “rocks” you to the core you somehow find a way to push scepticism aside. I had been suffering for a little over a year with what I though at first were back spasms. The pain was mild to moderate initially and would come and go, mostly after sitting or standing for long periods of time. As the pain began to progress I started to wonder if there might be something else going on. Having no medical insurance, I often diagnose and treat myself (and I do so very successfully 95% of the time). So with intensifying pain radiating in my right side I took to the internet to began my research. After a few days of searching and reading I surmised that I might have a kidney stone. I came across all sorts of home remedies that included drinking large amounts of acv or lemon water, which I tried for a week with no relief. So when I stumbled across this herb called Chanca Piedra I was like yeah right. I looked at a few brands and read countless reviews, both good and bad, and decided I had nothing to lose. I placed my order on 03/07/2017 and it arrived on 03/09/2017 and I quickly swallowed 3.

The tastes was horrible!! Very chalky and green tasting but, that pain in my side was far more horrible than the taste of the pills. I took 2 more about 8 hours later and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning I will honestly admit I didn’t feel any change. As soon as I went to rise up out of bed the stabbing pain was there in my side. Determined to not waste my money I took 3 more of the pills at 7am. By 1:30 I started to notice that I wasn’t buckling over when I reached for things. The pain was still there but it felt a tad bit duller. So I took 2 more at bed time and 3 more the next morning (making sure not to exceed the 5 per day limit) and by lunch time I could sit, stand and reach without any flenching or hesitation!!

It is now the evening of day four and the pain is so subtle I barely notice it. I have to over extend or twist to feel what is now a very slight pain. These pills definitely work. I have gone from being curled up in a fetal position sleeping with a pillow under my right side to my normal self in a matter of 4 days. It may not work for everyone but it DEFINITELY has worked for me!! I was going to give it a week before posting but I feel so much better after 4 days I decided to post tonight.

I will like to mention though that since I started taking the Chanca Piedra that I have been having mild headaches but I’ll take a mild headache over kidney stone pain any day of the week!! I plan to take the full bottle and buy another to take 1 pill twice a day as a preventative measure. By the way, this is not a sponsored review. I paid for my order with my own hard earned money and I recommend it for anyone suffering from kidney stone pain.


A Godsend!

A Godsend! I was at the ER on Wednesday night and was told I had a 3mm stone and sent home with pain meds. Went 5 days with on again off again excruciating pain. I ordered this Sunday morning with same day shipping. Took 3 pills when I got it(about 7:30 pm), another 2 pills around midnight, one more around 2 am(couldn’t sleep). Woke up the next morning and took 2 more and by noon I passed my stone. Highly recommend!!!

Don Buhrmeister

It works for us!!

Hubby has suffered with stones for years. Dr. said 60% have one stone in a lifetime, 30% a few, but 10% are “stone producers”. Guess who’s in the 10%? A recent x-ray and ultrasound showed some very large stones the Dr. said would not pass. Rather than wait for these time bombs, we researched and found out about Chanca Piedra.

3 weeks nothing much happened. Then one passed (big – like a black peppercorn), then another, and another different sizes…. In about 6 weeks he has passed at least 14 stones plus some sandy grains. YES – you read that correctly – 14 stones. Granted it was NOT pretty. Two were very, very painful episodes. But he’s had a lithostripsy in the past and that was no picnic either.

Over the years, prior to taking Chanca Piedra, he has passed many with no pain at all, but some knock-down killers. Since Chanca Piedra it has been similar. Sometimes several small ones in a day. But today, without much drama, he passed a “boulder” (see the picture) and throughout the rest of the day spit out a dozen more medium, small and grains.

This has all happened since starting Chanca Piedra – so we have to assume it’s working.

As for dosage, he started at 2x pills per day. After the first couple of stones, we increased from 2 pills a day to 3 pills a day and that seemed to increase them passing. He does alternate with a liquid form of the herb – putting drops in an ice tea in the afternoon. We are going to request a new x-ray and when we know the big ones are gone, he will do 1x day for maintenance to prevent stones from forming.

THANK YOU Chanca Piedra.


They worked for me

I have been suffering with kidney stones since 2008. I have been in the emergency room 9 times with them. I have the non-barbed kind caused by uric acid and calcium. Previously I had a 1.4 centimeter stone removed surgically. I passed a 9.5 millimeter stone in February of 2017. Right after that I passed an 8 millimeter stone. My stones have recently been recurring about every 21 to 24 days. I found these capsules on the internet after doing further research. I started taking these twice a day in March. All I can say is that my stones, when I pass them, are very fine and pass without trouble. I went this morning and found that I had passed quite a few and that they were very fine and I didn’t even realize I’d passed them. I have received no compensation for this review. I’m going to keep taking them to make sure, but right now they have my vote. If you suffer from these and all you get is a lot of double talk and useless medicine from your urologist you may want to try these.

Richard J. Windisch

Thankful to have found this!

My husband went to the emergency room a few weeks ago when he had a cramp. Turns out he has two large kidney stones and three small ones. He’s never been sick. He’s 65 . We went to a specialist who explained he’s “going to have a baby” and gave him pain pills and something to relax the pathways. I ordered this based on the reviews. He takes 4 pills a day (2 in the morning, 2 at night). So far, he’s fine. The pain passed that day and never returned. The people at the hospital and in the doctor’s office promised it would cone back. But so far, nothing. We are relying on this to solve the entire problem. That said, I notice he’s eating more salads and things good for him, too. Thank you many tines over!


Happily satisfied with the product

I will try to make short and simple! Ordered this product June 29 because one week before I was diagnosed with a 7mm calcium stone through an ultrasound. As soon as it arrived on July 1.

I stared taking the pills and my doctor had already set a date of July 7 to do lithotripsy to break it up. On July 6 I had a CT scan to pinpoint exact location of stone, and to my surprise it was GONE! My pain is also GONE!! Only thing my doctor said was to keep doing whatever you are doing!!! This herb truly works!!! I want to add that it has improved my digestion, bloating and gas.


Skeptic Says It Appears To Really Work

I have to admit being very skeptical of claims made for products such as these. But it does appear to work quite well. My story started back a couple years ago when I would occasionally feel a pain in my back where my left kidney is, and usually drinking water would alleviate it, whereas not drinking enough water would make the pain show up. Fast forward 2 years to this past January and after a particularly strenuous day of setting up for a trade show and not drinking enough water in Phoenix, AZ… on the way to dinner what I learned was a 3mm kidney stone decided to start it’s journey. After about 5 hours and an emergency room visit, I didn’t want to experience that again.

Recently, I started feeling those old familiar pains again on my kidney – this time, on both of them. Not wanting a repeat performance of January, I purchased this bottle of Chanca Piedra after doing some research into the matter, figuring the worst that could happen would be ‘nothing’. I started with one pill twice daily, then stepped it up to 3 a day, and then I took 2 at once in the morning and one in the afternoon after about a week. The pains seemed to get a little bit worse at first, then one day it felt like a kidney stone was getting ready to start moving – and then it stopped. No more pains, nothing – and hasn’t been for several days now. Apparently, whatever was in there passed without further incident, and I’m reasonably satisfied that it was due to this herb. I’ve kept taking it just to be safe, and everything seems great.

Tom Chambers


Surprisingly effective.

Went through lithotripsy about 18 months ago and got the kidneys completely clean. On my yearly exam a couple of new stones could be seen on the Xray. Relatively small in size though. Since i don’t want to go thru the surgery again (ever)…. started looking into some natural herbs and things. Back home, in Ecuador, I heard a while back about Chanca Piedra, so I decided to give it a try.

I started taking 1 pill in the morning on empty stomach, just to see if it does anything. Maybe 3-4 days into it started to feel the typical kidney stone symptoms. And soon after my blood pressure rose, not too much, but enough to make me notice it. So after 10-12 days of taking the pill I stopped because I started to get concerned on BP. 3 days off chanca piedra, the BP went down to normal. Initially attributed my BP rise to chanca piedra, however, found some documentation that passing kidney stones (and partial blockage on the ureter) can rise BP.

In any case, about 2.5 weeks into this process, since I took the first pill, the first kidney stone came out. Not sure if it was purely coincidental or of the pill actually got it out. So, now I started to take chanca piedra again to see if it repeats the miracle again. Will post an update when/if it happens. I can tell that one pill and I started to feel the symptons of stone passing again (nausea for now).


I Believe!

Last Friday I woke up from a sound sleep with a severe cramping ache in my lower back. After two hours of pain, I started to pace the floor. Then the pain went away like turning off a light, I knew then what it was: another kidney stone. (Of close to forty in the last 30 years. Movement will help sometimes, pain starts and ends suddenly.)

More back ache the next night, but then the stone moved, and was now in my bladder hurting bad when I urinated and slowing the flow to a dribble. The following Thursday Chanca Piedra arrived. On Friday, I started taking the pills which helped calm down the bladder pain. Early Saturday morning, slightly more than one day after starting Chanca, I took two pills and drank a whole glass of water first thing in the morning. Soon thereafter I painfully popped out the 6x9mm stone in the attached pic.

Needless to say, I am now a believer.

I did take 6 pills per day, rather than the recommended three. Also, true enough, the stone was already in my bladder. But, I must say I am convinced this medication really did hasten the final outcome. I highly recommend this remedy for anyone with a calcium oxalate kidney stone.


Give it a try!

Went to the emergency room this past weekend with indescribable pain. Waited 1.5 hrs to be seen. Not good! Ordered Chanca and began taking yesterday. I’m doing about 5 tablets a day because of my acute phase. Slept like a baby last night. Not sure if this was the Chanca or not. Kidney stone pain comes and goes. Sometimes nothing and sometimes hell. Doc has me on Flomax and Naproxen and gave me a month to pass 5 mm stone. I have other stones as well and one 3.7 mm causing pain near ureter. I will post in another week and am praying Chanca Piedra will help me in the long run. Only time will tell. Definitely worth a try!

The Lewises

Great for kidney stones

I took 1 every eight hours and it helped me get rid of my kidney stone. Also helped relieve pain and I quit taking tamulosin (which was making me sick to my stomach) and I no longer needed pain medication. 2 millimeter stone which was stuck, gone in less than 2 weeks.

Denise A Smith


My husband has had frequent kidney stones for the past 10 years. 18 months ago he went thru his 3rd surgery to remove a barbed stone that we 7mm. He was told at that time that he also had a 1.2 CM stone in the other kidney and would need to have it removed also. After his surgery that ended up costing us THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, we started researching the use of chanca peidra. we initially started using the liquid drops in another product that cost over $100 for 3 tiny bottles. I decided to look into the pill form that a friend had told us about. I found this brand here at Amazon and decided to try it. This is our 3rd reorder and not only has he not had ANY kidney issues, but after a recent KUB, have discovered that his 1.2 CM stone is GONE!! This is very exciting for us and we will continue to use this product. I have NOT received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for our review and as a matter of fact, if it was 5 times the price it is, i would still buy it… GLADLY!! It truly is a STONE CRUSHER!! he is only taking 1 pill in the morning and 1 pill at night to keep stones from forming. We feel very blessed to have found this!!

M. Green

Helps dissolve kidney stones!

I have gravel pits where my kidneys ought to be. My Doctor had me try Chanca Piedra and I am a true believe now. How it dissolves kidney stones, I don’t know. I DO know that it works for me. Takes about 2 weeks for full effect. I take one in the morning and two at bed time for maximum effect.

Terri P

Helped me weather other medical issues

I have been undergoing radiation treatment for abdominal lymph nodes. I knew it could intensify my kidney stone pain. Now, a week after finishing my treatment the intense pain has subsided quite a bit. Chanca Piedra allowed me to get through treatment working within 30 minutes of feeling pain. I dosed 3x per day, once needing 4. Problem was that radiation affected my intestines and hydration- a huge contributor to pain with stones. I contribute my ability to weather this process to the supplement.

Nanaymie K. Godfrey

Saw that this product might work to help break up kidney stones

Saw that this product might work to help break up kidney stones. I was having a kidney stone move thru my body when I purchased it. Other remedies didn’t really work and since this was supposed to help I tried it. I did find that it did help with the passing of the stone. Only take 1 a day and the instructions say drink plenty of water when you take the pill. Mind over matter? All I know is that it seemed to help me. Whether it works for someone else I don’t know.


Robert A. Jones