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  • ANISE, also known as “aniseed” or “anix,” and “Anis” in Spanish, is a plant whose seed is similar to the flavor of liquorice, which is used in black licorice. Similar flavors are found in star anise and fennel. In Peru, anise is taken along with chamomile (manzanilla) for digestion and to help sleep.
  • DIGESTIVO Herbal Tea – Anise is an herb widely recognized for its pleasant aroma and sweet taste. This popular herb has many culinary uses, from food flavoring to herbal infusion. It is traditionally used after meals to help promote good digestion naturally.
  • El Anis es una hierba reconocida ampliamente por su agradable aroma y sabor dulce. Esta hierba popular tiene muchos usos culinarios, desde saborizante de alimentos hasta infusion herbal. Es utilizada tradicionalmente, después de las comidas, para ayudar a promover de forma natural una buena digestión.
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Anise Tea (Te de Anis) – 25 Tea Bags – All Natural Anise Herb in Filtered Teabags – Herbal Tea from Peru for Pleasant Aroma and Taste, Cooking, Digestion



Experience the delicious flavor and relaxing effect of Peruvian aniseed. This herbal tea is an all-natural digestive aid supplement that tastes great after a meal. 

Pimpinella anisum is the scientific name for this plant that has been used for centuries throughout the world. Anise is widely recognized for its warm aromatic scent and delicious taste and distinct spice. This herbal tea is traditionally used as an after-dinner tea to aid in digestion. 

Hanan Anise Tea Bags are made using premium quality ingredients and are 100% vegan friendly. Wild grown in Peru, these filtered teabags are 100% natural and ethically and sustainably sourced.


  • 25 filtered tea bags
  • Dried anise (anis) seed (semilla)
  • One gram (1000 mg) per teabag
  • Grown in Peru
  • 100% vegan friendly 
  • Sustainably and ethically sourced 


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