Prostate Care Blend


  • PLANT THERAPY – Annatto Leaves, Huamanpinta, Cat’s Claw , Horsetail and Soldier’s Herb
  • Achiote, Huamanpinta, Uña de Gato, Cola de Caballo, Matico
  • 1000 mg of PROSTASAN herbal blend in each filtered teabag
  • Three percent of earnings are donated to conservation of the Amazon rainforest.
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Prostasan Prostate Blend – Herbal Tea Annatto Leaves (Achiote), Humanpinta, Cat’s Claw (Uña de Gato), Horsetail (Cola de Caballo) and Soldier’s Herb (Matico) – 25 Teabags from Peru for Prostate Care



Experience the health benefits of Peru’s natural anti-inflammatory supplement for men, Prostasan Prostate Care from Hanan Herbal Teas. This carefully designed tea contains Annatto Leaves (Achiote), Huamanpinta (Chuquiraga spinosa), Cat’s Claw (Una de Gato), Horsetail (Cola de Caballo) and Soldier’s Herb (Matico)

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HORSE TAIL herb is also known as cola de caballo, equisetum, snake grass, puzzlegrass, schachtelhalme and equisetaceae. ANNATTO is also known as Bixa orellana, Achiote, pigmento, l’annatto and anato. HUAMANPINTA is also known as Urqu wamanpinta. 


  • 25 filtered tea bags
  • One gram (1000 mg) per teabag
  • Grown in Peru
  • 100% vegan friendly 
  • Sustainably and ethically sourced 


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Three percent of Peruvian Naturals earnings are invested in small farms and agricultural businesses in rural Peru.

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