Dragon’s Blood


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  • Sangre de Grado tree sap resin from Peru.
  • Dragon’s Blood is a natural resin with healing action, used to enrich homemade creams and cosmetics. It has its origin in the resin extracted from the fruit of the tree of the dragon tree, and it stands out for being a powerful natural healer and for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. It is popularly known latex that comes from the bark of dragon’s blood trees, with the name of “sangre de grado” or “sangre de drago”, of the genus Croton (Croton lechleri).
  • For external use/ the resin sap is rubbed directly onto the affected area several times a day and the area be allowed to dry, Note: the resin is red! It temporarily stains the skin a reddish-brown (it can be washed off), but it permanently stains clothing.
  • PERUVIAN NATURALS GIVES BACK – Three percent of Peruvian Naturals earnings are donated to small farms and agricultural businesses in rural Peru. PERUVIAN NATURALS APOYA A LA PATRIA – El tres por ciento de nuestras ganancias son donados a pequeños granjas y negocios de agrícola en Perú.


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