Cat’s Claw Tea


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  • UNA DE GATO 1000 MG – Boost Health and Wellbeing with Cats Claw Tea – Cats claw is a woody vine grown in the Amazon rainforest. Its bark contains some powerful properties that can help boost immunity, brain function, joint health, and more.
  • Strengthens the Immune System – Help your body fight viral infections naturally. Also known as una de gato, cat’s claw bark contains a wide variety of phytochemicals. Taking a cat claw supplement can increase white blood cell activity, helping the immune system fight infections.
  • Supports Digestive, Joint Health and Brain Function – Experience the powerful effects of cat’s claw extract for yourself! Unha de gato tea can detoxify the colon, decrease joint inflammation, and slow aging by aiding DNA repair.
  • Made with All-Natural Ingredients – Our cat claw tea is formulated with premium-quality ingredients. Each tea filter is 100% vegan and contains 1000 mg of natural cat’s claw bark powder.
  • Three percent of Peruvian Naturals earnings are invested in small farms and agricultural businesses in rural Peru.
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