Cacao farmer Evarista

Peruvian Naturals has donated this month’s AND last month’s earnings pledges to cacao farmer Evarista in San Martin department of Peru.

According to Rosa Elena’s Kiva profile:

Evarista’s story

Evarista is 32 years old, married and lives with her 4 children. She’s a hardworking and responsible person, who wishes to continue improving. Over 6 years ago she started working in farming, specifically with cacao crops, and selling kebabs.

She is requesting a loan to increase her cacao production. She wants to plant more cacao and give a proper care to her plantation so that she can obtain quality fruit, and thus improve her profits.

Along with her husband, they work in their free time as day laborers. They do activities such as trimming and cleaning in other plots of land, and that gives them an extra income.

Evarista is a member of the Mancopata group, which is comprised by different members and has Octavia, her friend, as the leader. All of them want to invest in different businesses and improve their quality of life.

Evarista’s biggest dream is to improve her house and thus her quality of life, and in this way give her family a more comfortable life.

A loan of $4,550 helps Evarista to plant more cacao, and in this way have enough product to sell and improve her customers’ service.

This loan is special because it empowers women through community support and financial training.

See more about Peruvian Naturals philanthropy at All loan recipients’ repayments are re-loaned in addition to the 3 percent earnings pledge.

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