Coffee and cacao farmer Balentin Antonio

Peruvian Naturals has donated this month’s earnings pledge to coffee and cacao farmer, Balentin Antonio. According to his Kiva profile:

Balentin Antonio’s story

Balentin, 50 years old, has 6 children and is married. For 25 years, he has worked in agriculture, growing coffee and cocoa, producing and, specifically, his primary objective is to improve to offer a better product to his customers.

For this, Belentin asks for his loan through Kiva to maintain his plot of coffee and cocoa and combat the pests. As a second job, Balentin works as a mason, to get more income.

He considers himself to be a good and trustworthy person with aspirations and he is proud of his children and he has as a challenge that they all get ahead and continue studying.

A loan of $1,850 helps to maintain his plot of coffee and cocoa and combat the pests.

Balentin’s Kiva listing doesn’t specify where he’s from. But given he’s growing coffee and cocoa, it’s safe to assume he isn’t far from the VRAEM.

See more about Peruvian Naturals philanthropy at www.kiva.org/lender/peruviannaturals. Peruvian Naturals beneficiaries’ loan repayments are re-loaned in addition to the monthly 3 percent earnings pledge.

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