Introducing Organic Black Maca (capsules and powder)

Peruvian Naturals is pleased to announce Organic Black Maca in both powder and capsules.

Maca is grown in the Andes Mountains of Peru, where it has been used for 2,000 years by people of the region for energy, stamina and fertility. When Peru was established as a colony, the Spaniards noticed their livestock were not reproducing in the high altitudes. After the locals showed the colonists that feeding them Maca boosted fertility, Maca was accepted as currency to pay taxes.

Studies have shown that Black Maca is the most effective Maca root in boosting sperm count and libido.

Both the capsules and powder contain certified-organic Black Maca root powder from Peru.

Black Maca

Made with organic Black Maca

Our Maca for Men capsules blended organic yellow and black Maca root powders to get the fast effects of the black roots with the sustained release of the yellow. For a limited time, get a free bottle of Maca for Men when you buy a bottle of Black Maca capsules. Simply add one of each to your cart and Amazon will not charge you for the Maca for Men. No code needed!

Black Maca capsules on Amazon:

Maca for Men on Amazon:

Black Maca Powder

For those who prefer to get their Maca as food, we have a 250-gram plastic jar containing 8.8 ounces of certified-organic black Maca root powder.

Organic Black Maca powder on Amazon:

Remember that 3 percent of Peruvian Naturals earnings are donated to small farms and agricultural businesses in rural Peru. See more under philanthropy.

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  1. Hi,
    May I know whether do you ship to Singapore?
    Also are you able to attach the Maca compositions test report with the shipment if I purchase in big quantities?
    I am from Singapore. Here our Healthy authority(HSA) and AVA) require the health food supplement imported be accompanied with the chemical composition reports be submitted for Declaration.

    Please kindly advice.

    Thank you!


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