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Perfect purity! I am very impressed with this product. Close to impossible to find a pure source of Vitamin C, this comes from the high andes and is perfect! Scientists say most Vit C we get in caps or tabs is just sand with no value. Moringa Oleifera has a high degree, and can be …

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This camu camu has a good effect on my condition This camu camu has a good effect on my condition. I am very pleased. I also have told my sister and friend about camu camu. It really works.

D. Wallner

Perfect sweetener for cooking with my diabetic husband Perfect sweetener for cooking with for my diabetic hubs. I like the taste, he’s not as big a fan, but he doesn’t notice when I use it to make or cook with. Much healthier choice than sugar and artificial sweeteners.


Very Tasty Cacao Nibs Fresh tasting, inexpensive, works great for my healthy lifestyle needs. I use it in smoothies and baking mostly and I am not disappointed. Highly Recommend.

Anna May

Love this! I had read about the health benefits of maca, and that it was good for balancing hormones. I have been using it in my smoothies for about 3 weeks. So far, I really love it. Almost immediately after taking it I feel a bit more energy (but not is a shaky or nervous …

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Senior Citizen

Easy to Swallow Yacon tablets. I love these caplets. I like taking Yacon for weight loss and for improved digestion. It appears all is working well for these two goals. I was concerned about buying these since they were tablets and I usually took capsules. But it turns out I am more comfortable when swallowing …

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Lucy Icon

So far so good A long time ago my grandmother got breast cancer and she was 80 at the time she didn’t want to get quimo and somebody recomended una de gato, cats claw so she took it like for 5 years after that and never got cancer again, she died at 95 and not …

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Pain Free I have knee joint problems and this product has helped a lot.

Didi B.

Hot flashes gone! Not sure if this is a coincidence….I was suffering from hot flashes and night sweats badly. A friend recommended this product and as a last resort I decided to give it a try. A week into taking this product my flashes have stopped. Coincidence?? I am continuing to take these as directed …

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So many benefits associated with maca Love this product! I feel energetic when i use this product. A natural boost of energy, nothing crazy. The bottle recommends 2-3 per day but i take 1 and it is plenty. I had experienced hormonal acne on my next for years. I took this product for less than …

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Jill J

It really does work! My husband and I both use this product in addition to our multivitamin for added energy and general all around well being. He and I both have aging hormonal changes and have suffered with night sweats on occasion. It seems this supplement has basically stopped that for both of us! I …

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Five Stars Nature’s Viagra! Helps with blood circulation down below and it is all natural!

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