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  • Enjoy a Pure, Nutrient Dense Source of VITAMIN C – Treat yourself to organic camu camu capsules. At 2 to 3% of its weight, camu camu boasts the highest concentration of Vitamin C found in any natural food!
  • BEST VALUE for Your Money -Peruvian Naturals Camu Camu capsules contain the best value of camu camu powder by weight. Each capsule contains 500mg of organic camu berry powder. 150 pills x 500 mg = 75,000 mg per bottle!
  • Experience the Multiple Health Benefits of Camu Powder – Give your body a potent dose of powerful nutrients! Camu camu powder contains anti-ageing properties and can help fight free radicals, promote collagen production, and increase iron absorption.
  • “NO EXCUSES” GUARANTEE – When you buy Organic Camu Camu capsules from Peruvian Naturals, you can return or request a refund for any reason at all. When a customer has any issue whatsoever with a purchase and is not 100% completely satisfied, we will unilaterally refund you all your money faster than Amazon customer service.
  • PERUVIAN NATURALS GIVES BACK – Three percent of Peruvian Naturals earnings are donated to small farms and agricultural businesses in rural Peru. PERUVIAN NATURALS APOYA A LA PATRIA – El tres por ciento de nuestras ganancias son donados a pequeños granjas y negocios de agrícola en Perú.
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Behind the Powder

The bushy Camu Camu tree is native to the lush Amazon rainforest. The Camu Camu fruit is a red berry slightly larger than a grape. The fruit is extremely sour, more so than a lemon or lime. At 2 to 3 percent of its weight, the Camu Camu berry contains the highest Vitamin-C concentration of any natural food in the world. Camu Camu can be taken as a natural defense against sickness, to fight free radicals with its antioxidant properties or as an overall vitamin supplement to a healthy diet.


  • Dense Source of VITAMIN C
  • promote collagen production
  • Increase iron absorption
  • Fight free radicals,


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Peruvian Naturals Camu Camu powder is certified organic. Each bottle contains 150 capsules. Each capsule contains 500 milligrams of pulverized Camu Camu berry powder.


During the Coastal El Niño floods Peru suffered in 2017, Peruvian Naturals began its philanthropy program of donating 3 percent of earnings to small farms and agricultural businesses in rural Peru. Years after the flood damages subsided, we kept the program running. Your purchase helps support farmers and bring more organic superfoods of Peru’s Amazon rainforest and Andes Mountains to the market.


If there is any issue with a purchase that is not 100% completely satisfied, we will take care of you faster than Amazon!

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