Peruvian Naturals supports coffee farmer, Reyler

Peruvian Naturals donated our pledged 3 percent of September earnings to Reyler, a coffee farmer in Cajamarca. According to Kiva,

Reyler is 35 years old and in a de facto marriage. He lives with his spouse and their children in a house made of rustic materials that he owns in the district of Santo Tomás in the province of Cutervo in the Peruvian department of Cajamarca. He has very good references, both personal and work-related, from the residents of the area. The local population is employed mostly in farming, commerce, and livestock production.

Reyler earns his living in farming, specifically growing the Catimor variety of coffee. He has more than five years experience in this field. In addition, he works raising young animals like chicks, hens, guinea pigs, etc.

He is requesting the loan in order to invest in the purchase of soil amendments and fertilizers and to pay for farm labor. This way, he will obtain greater revenues for himself and his family.

This loan is special because it reaches the under-served.

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