Peruvian Naturals supports oregano farmer Pablo Edgar

If you’re watching our philanthropy program, you may have noticed radio silence last month. That’s because Peruvian Naturals lost money in September … it’s part of business, and fortunately much of it can be attributed to our launching many new products including Maca Powder, Cacao, Camu Camu and more.

Fortunately we’re back in the black and giving back to small farms and agricultural businesses in rural Peru. We just donated our pledged 3 percent of October earnings to Pablo Edgar, an oregano farmer in Arequipa, Peru.

Pablo Edgar’s story

Pablo is a hard-working man, 55 years old, who lives with his daughter and wife in the locality of Huambo, which is located in Arequipa. He works in agriculture and currently enjoys planting oregano on his farmland which he has been preparing with soil amendments. He asks for the microloan to be able to pay the expenses of his oregano crop to have a more productive harvest.

Pablo hopes in the future to be able to invest his earnings in expanding his crops, in addition he works very hard to offer his daughter a good education so she will manage to be a professional.

This loan is special because it expands access to financial services for rural clients.

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