Yacon Syrup fulfilled by Amazon coming soon

Since rolling out our newly glass-packaged Yacon Syrup, some of the jars were breaking en route to customers’ houses. So we have temporarily switched the fulfillment scheme from Amazon warehouses to our company warehouse, where our own staff can ensure the bubble-wrapping of the jar inside a tightly-fitting cardboard box is sufficient to make the trek to your house.

So for a limited time Yacon Syrup isn’t available under Amazon’s Prime program, but it will be back soon. We are removing the inventory we had with Amazon, which was only bubble-wrapped, to return to our warehouses for a bubble-wrap and extra cardboard box. In the next two weeks our new packaging to decrease breakage while in transit will be back in Amazon warehouses, which means eligible for Amazon Prime.

In the meantime, you can buy Yacon Syrup fulfilled by us on Amazon at: a.co/8GWyGBS

Or on eBay (two jars for $33.99): ebay.com/itm/202362243820.

Or on our website (five jars for $64.99): peruviannaturals.com/buy/yacon-syrup.

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